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Blog Posts and Selected Media
Super-honest dewlaps and trait scaling relationships in semi-aquatic anoles (Anole Annals)

Male lizards less attracted to “bearded ladies” (National Geographic)

Colourful lizards reveal the pro’s and con’s of being a hideous “bearded lady” (Scientific American)

Wood frogs are gathering at vernal pools to breed (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

Are male wood frogs good midwives?

Advice from a lizard: if you’re smaller, act bigger

A frog of a different color: Sexually dimorphic color in wood frogs (by my undergraduate mentee)

What am I standing on? 

Sexual Selection’s Mystique Lingers (by Arthur Allen), featuring our “bearded ladies”

Biology students conduct research in Costa Rica (University of Guam), an article about my undergraduate mentee

On a Frog Hunt (by B. Assis)

My students, Maria Petelo (left) and Jane Boyer (right), presented their research at the 2015 SACNAS conference in Washington, DC.

Jane won Best Undergraduate Student Presentation in Ecology/Evolution. Congratulations, Jane!

Congrats to Maria for winning third place in Best Undergraduate Poster at the 2015 AISES national conference!


Other Scientific Contributions

The presence of an avian co-forager reduces vigilance in a cooperative mammal (Research assistant)

Dynamic database for an inventory of the macrocaterpillar fauna, and its food plants and parasitoids, of Area de Conservacion Guanacaste (ACG), northwestern Costa Rica (nn-SRNP-nnnnn voucher codes) (Research assistant and collector)

L Swierk. 2013. Highveld Grasslands. In: Biomes and Ecosystems: An Encyclopedia (RW Howarth, Ed.). Ipswich: Salem Press.